# Introduction

Welcome to Acorn Globus. We value freedom and flexibility above everything else but there are time when we need processes. The process that enable us to work in harmony with team members who are from different culture, domain and background.

# What do we need a handbook?

The goal of this handbook is to be a companion on your journey in the organisation. These are few of the questions that you will ask yourself or your team members very frequently, which this handbook aims to make self serviceable.

  1. How do I prepare my machine for work?
  2. What are the top skills that I will need to complete my tasks?
  3. What kind of git flow do we use?
  4. What is the right way to name a branch?
  5. What is expected once a PR/MR is created?
  6. How do we test our code?
  7. How do we give/take feedback at Acorn Globus?

and more such questions that will come to your mind. This is a living document and it will keep growing as we understand more standard processes.